Nosework Seminar – Presented by Cheryl Carlson




Cheryl Carlson has been breeding and training dogs for service since 1977. Along with training over one hundred K-9 teams qualified in patrol, narcotics and explosive detection she also enjoys participating in competitions with her own dogs. She has shown in conformation, obedience, rally obedience, Barn Hunt, dock diving and nosework.

Cheryl was one of the first UKC Nosework judges that many of us trialed under in Michigan when it became an official sport. She has graciously helped many of us with suggestions over the years about scent work and thus has assisted us in becoming better partners with our dogs in this exciting sport.

She will work with us on air movement, environmental and food distractions, heights and finding source.

The cost of the seminar is $75 for working teams (All Working spots are filled) and $35 for auditors


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